A quadrilateral with two distinct pairs of equal adjacent sides online calculator

Online calculator which helps you calculate the area and perimeter of a quadrilateral.

A quadrilateral is a geometric figure (polygon) that consists of four points (vertices), no three of which are collinear, and four segments (sides), consistently connecting these points.
Distinguish between convex and nonconvex quadrangles, non-convex quadrilateral can be self-intersecting.
The quadrangle does not intersect itself is called a simple, often under the term "quadrangle" refers only simple quadrilaterals.

***** Calculation of the area using the diagonal method [½×d1d2] *****
Indicate the length of the diagonals:

***** Calculation of area using trigonometry: [ab Sin C] *****
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Indicate the angle:

***** Calculation of the perimeter: [2(a+b)] *****
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