To calculate the collinear points online calculator

Online calculator which will help you to find collinear points.
This calculator is designed for calculation of collinearity of three given points (x1, y1), B (x2, y2), C (x3, y3).
If the value obtained during the calculation equals zero, the points lie on a straight line, but if the resulting value is not zero, then the points are not collinear.

If several points lie on the same line, it says that they are collinear, (content this property becomes for three or more points, since two points are always collinear.)
Example: there are three points (xi , yi , zi), where i = 1, 2, 3, are collinear if x2 — x1 : y2 — y1 : z2 — z1 = x3 — x1 : y3 — y1 : z3 - z1.

Point A (x1,y1):

Point B (x2,y2):

Point C (x3,y3):