The Union of two sets A and B online calculator

Online calculator which will help you in the Union of two sets A and B.
This app will need to compute and merge the two sets or Union of two sets A and B (AUB).

The lot is one of the key concepts of mathematics; it is a mathematical object, himself a set, a set, a collection of any objects which are called elements of this set and have shared all their intrinsic properties.
The study of the General properties of sets doing set theory and related branches of mathematics and mathematical logic.

Examples: a lot of people in a given city, the set of continuous functions, the set of solutions of the given equation.
The set can be empty and non-empty, ordered and unordered, finite and infinite, an infinite set can be countable or uncountable.
Moreover, as in naive and in axiomatic theories of sets any object generally considered a lot.
The concept of the set allows practically all branches of mathematics to use a common ideology and terminology.

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