The units of energy and work online calculator

Online calculator which helps you to convert units of energy.
Energy is a scalar physical quantity which is a unified measure of various forms of motion of matter and the transition movement of matter from one form to another.
Converter, energy and work, the exact transfer of units between various measurement systems online.

International System:
megajoule (MJ)
kilojoule (kJ)
joule (J)

Off-system units:
megacalorie (Mcal)
kilocalories (kcal)
meter kilogram (mkg)
calorie (cal)
kilowatt hour (kW*h)
wat hour (W*h)
wat second (W*s)
electron volt (eV)

British and American units:
British thermal unit (BTU)
foot pound (ft*lbs)

TNT energy equivalent:
ton (metric) of TNT
ton (US) of TNT
kilogram of TNT

The number of digits after the dot: