Calculation of sample online calculator

Online calculator which helps you calculate the sample.
The sample is part of the objects of the General population acting as objects of observation, using a procedure selected from the General population for participation in this study.
The sample should be equally represented, i.e. conform to the characteristics of the General population as a whole.
Equal sample determines how possible to generalize the results of studies involving a particular sample to the entire population from which it was collected.
Our calculator will help you to know how many respondents you need to interview with reasonable accuracy to their opinion this can be extrapolated to the entire population.
The main advantage of our formula is that is automatically populated with a correction for small variances.

Confidence, confidence, reliability:
85%   90%   95%   97%   99%   99,7%
Confidence interval, error ± %:

General population, total of respondents:

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