Addition and subtraction of vectors online calculator

Online calculator which helps you calculate the addition and subtraction of vectors.
Addition and subtraction of vectors is calculated by their particular construction in space and finding of the result vector.
If you add several different with (different magnitude) of vectors, then you need to starting point (.) A to put the first vector, the second vector and then put the end in the beginning of the first vector (the tip of his arrow).
When to connect the starting construction point and the end point of the second vector we get the resultant vector sum of two vectors.
If you want to use the summation, the third vector is placed at the beginning of the end of the second vector, the resulting vector sum of three vectors is equal to the vector with the beginning of (.) A and end at the end of the 3rd vector.
When you subtract the vector (A B), we obtain the third vector, the geometric sum which B is equal to the magnitude of the vector A.

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