Complex roots (2nd order polynomial) online calculator

Online calculator which helps you in solving the complex roots (2nd order polynomial).
Complex roots is the result of solving quadratic equations with complex coefficients of the form: (a x X2 + b x X + c = 0).
Make the solution in two consecutive steps, the first step according to the formula (D = b2 – 4 x a x c) calculate the discriminant, then
according to the formula (X 1,2 = (- b +- (sqrt (D)) / 2 x a) calculates the roots and coefficients (a,b,c) and discriminant (D) are complex numbers.

The necessity to calculate complex roots is a popular problem not only in mathematics but also in physics in solving various problems, and electrical engineering in the study of AC single-phase and three-phase current.

y = x2 + x +

x1, x2 = + root() =