Calculate the length of a snowboard online calculator

Calculator online will help you to choose the right sizes (length) of the snowboard based on your riding level, height, body type and other parameters of a snowboarder.

There are three types of snowboards for different riding:
Freeride is skiing off-piste in deep snow in the mountains or among the trees.
Fristail - is jumping on trampolines, performing different stunts, ideal for skiing on groomed slopes.
All Mountain is a versatile Board for riding in parks and in the mountains anywhere is the best solution for beginners.

The length of a snowboard is the length of the snowboard from nose to tail, the right choice of available sizes depends on the experience and riding style of the snowboarder.
For freestyle best fit a shorter snowboard, freeride is a longer beginners it is better to choose the average length between freestyle and well as free-ride.
Snowboarder beginner it is better to purchase a soft snowboard you will find it easier to cope and easier to manage, and they forgive mistakes, soft boards, ideal for schools.
Snowboards medium hardness – for those people who confidently stand on the Board.

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