Calculate the length of Alpine skis (Carve, Allround, All-Mountain) online calculator

Calculator online will help you to choose the right bike mountain skis (Carve, Allround, All-Mountain) given your level of riding, height, weight and other parameters of the skier.
People who want to buy a ski, always wondering what length to buy skis?
To choose the right your bike will help you our calculator, which will select the best option for your parameters: height, weight, age, experience, riding style.
The calculator will help to calculate the correct bike mountain skis for on-piste, off-piste and versatile ski.
Many people who start to ski probably heard that ski pick up on the height from the floor to the nose or eyes, and the ski sticks must be longer than 5-10 cm than the distance from the floor to your elbow then they will be comfortable to start.
You can also say that if you're new to ski Catania it is better to buy or rent soft skis that are smaller than 10-15 cm to your height.
If you are already a fairly experienced skier then you need stiff skis your height, maybe a little longer than your height of 5-7 cm, these skis can ski with high speed.
If you prefer frirayt, the ski should be longer than 10 cm and must be wide enough to ski from sinking in deep snow.
When choosing a ski boot pay particular attention to the ease, the main thing is to leg it was not crowded but at the same time and not hanging the foot in the boot, if you do not choose boots that ride is not long out.
With great attention to the fastening of the ski at the toe and heel DIN is the scale you need to ask a specialist to set up the attachment under your weight, otherwise if you fall on the ski slope if you don't detach you risk damaging the legs and knees.

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Selection of ski run sizes (lengths) (Carve and Allround)
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Choosing a skiing size (length) for children (3 to 13 years old)
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