Calculation of safe days in women online calculator

Calculator online will help you to calculate safe days in women.
If you are thinking about planning a baby, or Vice versa want to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy, in these cases, you need to be sure to know the days of ovulation and their (more or less) safe days.
Starting a regular sex life and not wanting to get pregnant, many women are trying to calculate the safe days of the menstrual cycle, they are named so because these days the probability of fertilization is greatly reduced, although some experts say that a full guarantee of preventing pregnancy does not give anyone.
And this is due to the individual characteristics of the female body, external influences and many other factors.
Use our calendar safe days, only those women who have stable, well-established monthly cycle, that is, (regular menstruation).
The concept of the cycle includes the interval between the first day 2 of menses, the first day of the cycle is the start of menstruation and ends the cycle with the arrival of the next month, in an average female cycle lasts 28 days, with possible small deviations (a few days) in both directions.

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