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The online calculator helps you to calculate creatinine clearance (adult).
Creatinine clearance is the volume of blood plasma that is cleared of creatinine in 1 minute during the passage through the kidneys, reduced below normal creatinine clearance indicates renal disease.
A significant change in the creatinine level may be due to other factors (dehydration, use of nephrotoxic drugs, excess production of creatinine as a result of injury or excessive physical activity, or reducing its production at diseases of kidneys or exhaustion).
With caution should approach the assessment of creatinine clearance from:
Seniors (over 90 years).
Patients with low body weight (less than ideal).
Patients after liver transplantation.

Use clearance to calculate the actual body mass in patients with obesity (and, possibly, in patients with ascites) can lead to the fact that the evaluation of the creatinine clearance will be much higher than its real value.
Some experts prefer in these cases to use a parameter as "fixed weight" (it can be calculated, for example, by the following formula: ideal body weight+0.4*[average weight - ideal body weight]).
This is true in those cases where estimation of creatinine clearance is required to calculate doses of antibiotics.

The formula of Cockcroft-Gault:
For men: Clcr=((140-age)*weight)/(72*Crpl).
For women: Clcr=(((140-age)*weight)/(72*KBL))*0.85 where Clcr - score creatinine clearance, ml/min weight - body weight, kg KCl - plasma creatinine, mg/DL.

The formula by Jelliffe:
For men: Clcr=(98-0.8*(age-20))/Crpl.
For women: Clcr=((98-0.8*(age-20))/KCl)*0.90 where Clcr - score creatinine clearance, ml/min/1.73 sq. m CBL - plasma creatinine mg/DL.

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