Calculation of normal blood pressure online calculator

The online calculator will help you calculate the optimal blood pressure for your age.
Changes with age the normal blood pressure in humans, also a lot depends on your individual body, schedule and lifestyle.

To assess the level of blood pressure used classification of the world health organization, adopted in 1999.
Systolic (upper) blood , Diastolic (bottom) blood pressure (mm. Hg.St.).

Optimal less than 120 less than 80
Normal less than 130 less than 85
High normal 130-139 85-89

1 degree(mild) 140-159 90-99
2 degree(moderate) 160-179 100-109
3 degree (severe) more than 180 over 110
Borderline 140-149 less than 90
Isolated systolic hypertension more than 140 less than 90

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